Luggage Tracking


Cambridge Global Tracking (CGT) is a complimentary feature that can reunite Cambridge Luggage owners with a misplaced, lost or stolen bag. Cambridge Global Tracking is featured on the following Cambridge Luggage collections: Carbon Fiber travel, Classic Aluminum 2.0, Classic Polycarbonate 2.0, Geo 3.0 Aluminum and Geo 3.0 Aluminum Attaché and the ZRL Polycarbonate travel products.

The CAMBRIDGE GLOBAL TRACKING system is built on the unique 12-digit Tracking Number or UID (Unique Identification Code) that is located on the CGT Plate found on the exterior of the product. To take advantage of this feature, you register the unique ZGT/UID number and current contact information into the CAMBRIDGE GLOBAL TRACKING Database which is found on the Cambridge Luggage website:, where you will open and activate an account. You can also scan the QR code found on the tag, which will take you directly to the site.


Once your product is registered, the Cambridge Luggage Global Tracking system allows anyone who may find your lost or stolen case to simply email us at to advise that they have recovered a bag with the Unique Identification Code found on the CL-Tracking tag found on your bag. The Finder does not have access to your name or other personal details.

Once CL-Tracking has been notified, the Cambridge Luggage Tracking program will, in turn, notify you, the Owner, and provide you with information pertaining to the recovery of your item.

Please register your product immediately after purchase to activate the CAMBRIDGE GLOBAL TRACKING feature! Upon your registry, you will also be included to receive select notifications of special Cambridge Luggage events, exclusive offers, and new product introductions.