Six-Wheel System

The Collectors Series Six-Wheel System: Optimizing Your Experience

Along with its many other exceptional features, the Collectors Series case is equipped with six, recessed, in-line wheels. This system is unique from most four-wheel spinner cases and, as with any new performance vehicle, it takes a few drives to master.

The four, rotating in-line wheels are designed for conditions under which pushing is preferred such as rolling the case on smooth, hard surfaces and maneuvering into tight spaces. The case’s two, straight, in-line wheels perform best under “pull” conditions such as moving across soft or unstable surfaces (carpet, for example) and transporting the case over longer distances. Because the wheels are recessed, the case has a lower center of gravity which mitigates tipping and makes the transition between four and two wheels much faster than a traditional system – a feature you are sure to appreciate while on the road.